Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little bit of background.

I'm all about anonymity on this blog, but I think it's only fair to fill in a little bit of background and then I can elaborate as we go.
I have 3 darling children. I'll call them dc1, dc2 and dc3. That's actually what I should call them because I can never seem to call them by the right names. I once even called dc2 by the dog's name.... too huh?
I work full time. I haven't always, but now I do. It's a good job but it's working for someone else and I would rather not. But since I need to eat and drive a car and occasionally go to a Dr., I guess I'll stick with it. It's what I do, not what I am. There are days I have to keep repeating that to myself when I want to slash my fabric covered cubicle walls and scream! Dilbert has become my favorite comic strip.... Depending on the day I can relate to all the drones that are portrayed.
I was born in CA and now I live in CA again, but in between I've tasted a little bit of the world and I know I have not finished the meal. All it's done is make me want more. Travelling is an all time high, but actually living in different places is truly mind opening. I plan to live in Italy for 3 to 5 years sometime soon. I've visited Italy and fell passionately in love. I have a very special place in my heart for Jolly Ol' England. If I believed in reincarnation I would have to say I think I lived there long, long ago.... but I don't believe in that so.... France is fun to visit, but I have no desire to live there.
My faith is #1 to me, my family is 2nd and my friends are 3rd. I suppose my animals are 4th, but on any given day they can jump into the number two spot and leave every human I know far in the dust. Having said that I just have to tell you that some of my friends are more like family and some of my family, well.....they would be lucky to get a third place slot.
I looked around at other blogs last night and almost closed APQ1978 down. Wow! There are some good writers out there. But I have always tried to surround myself with people I can learn from so I'll stick it out and hopefully absorb some of the skills I see out there.

Today is a good day.

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  1. Okay Miss APQ1978, I keep checking for new posts and there aren't any!

    Have to keep your fans satisfied, you know!